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1604 Marblewood Ave Landover, Md 20785
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"Don't be afraid to put on a pair of lashes. When you feel chic, you can then go out into the world with an extra boost of confidence that will allow you to then, live chic. Be fearless. It's time to look your best. It's time to live your best life. It's finally time for you to be LASHED..."

Indira Hall CEO
1604 Marblewood Ave Landover, Md 20785

Our Story

You have arrived! Show up LASHED out... As the leading supplier of the nation's most sought after lashes, we have lashed our way straight to the very top. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but we here at LASHED beg to differ. Designed to boost confidence more than any expensive diamond necklace or bejeweled bracelet ever could, our falsies cater to the glamour goddesses who have longingly searched for that maximum volume, and super sexy “wow” factor. Handcrafted with care, our lashes are made with the highest quality of mink fur, by means that are cruel-free and hypo-allergenic. Apply a pair of LASHED lashes to instantly transform into your sexier, more confident self. Dare yourself to be fearless. Challenge yourself to go extra lengths with lashes that intensify and dramatize the eyes. It's your time to be LASHED...